Police Clearance Now Required in the State of Qatar

British Nationals applying for a Qatari residence permit, work permit, transfer of sponsorship, Ministry registration, or for any other reason will be required to provide a valid Legalised Police Clearance Certificate from the UK in order to obtain their Qatari Certificate of Good Conduct.

The Association of Chief Police Officers website has information on how to apply for a Police Certificate or Subject Access Request and links to all UK police forces. You may also apply to Disclosure Scotland if you’re a resident of Scotland.

An official Police Clearance certificate from the Association of Chief Police Officers is shown on the left, and one from Disclosure Scotland is shown on the right.

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Disclosure Scotland

Once you have your Police Clearance Certificate, you must have it legalised in the UK in order to prove its authenticity to the Qatari Authorities.

Vital Consular can handle the process. We’re experts in attesting (legalising) documents for use all over the world. To begin, go to our landing page here.

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Ashraf Vachhiat
Ashraf Vachhiat

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  1. I would like to obtain my police clearance certificate from Qatar. I have been working in Qatar for the past two years.

    I am currently in the uk.

  2. Salamalaikum, I would like to obtain police clearance from Qatar, i have had been working to Qatar for the last 7 years as Domestic Helper. Thani you and looking forward to your reply.

  3. Salaamz, I am a serving officer in the UK but would like to transfer as an officer to Qatar/Dubai or Saudi…is there a way forward? Kzk

    • Hello,

      Unfortunately we can’t advise you – we can only help with the legalisation of your documents – sorry!

  4. Hi – I have been accepted for a role in Qatar and have been asked to obtain a PCC; however the HR team have also said I need to get fingerprints as well though there is no mention of this I can find. Do I need to get fingerprints taken and legalised through you as well as the PCC and degree certificates?

    • Hey,

      Some companies do require fingerprints for their records. We’ve seen employers ask for this a few times before.

      If you google ‘need fingerprints taken’ you’ll find the pages of regional police forces and you can book the process from there – just find your local constabulary and you’ll be able to set up an appointment. When you do have a copy of your fingerprints we can certainly legalise them alongside your PCC and degree if you drop us an email on sales@vitalconsular.com!

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