Using Distance Learning Qualifications Overseas

If you’ve completed a UK distance learning degree or other course and would like to know more about getting these qualification legalised for use overseas, we can help. Knowing which countries will recognised these awards can be difficult and confusing. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of articles on this subject, which gives you everything you need to know with country-specific examples.

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Distance Learning FAQs

  • This is a complex question. First of all, most countries are more than happy to accept these qualifications, such as Chin and the UAE, and it is only a minority which will not do so. There are a variety of reasons why countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar only legalise in-person qualifications, which you can read more about in our blog articles on this subject.
  • Generally, this will include any qualification studied at home or work via the internet or post, where the majority of your learning is outside of a formal education setting. Even if you attend workshops as part of the course, this could still mean your qualification qualifies as distance. This can depend on the destination country for the legalisation, however, as some will have different views on how much must be studied face-to-face to qualify. It’s best to get in touch and speak to our specialists if you’re unsure, as even work placements can cause issues if these were part of your study.
  • Generally, no. The focus is more on the mode of learning than who issues the award. So for example if you studied a degree course ran by Newcastle University, but attended your local college full time to do so, this will not be classed as distance. The only time this will cause issues is it you studied a course with a UK university but you were located overseas at the time.

  • Yes! There are several countries which are more than happy to legalise a qualification obtained via distance learning for legalisation, including the UAE and China.