Getting A UAE Police Clearance Certificate – The Complete Guide

Melanie Clarke

Melanie is a Digital Marketer and TEFL Specialist at Vital Consular. Before taking up a Marketing role in the company, she spent 3 years building up a rich knowledge of global legalisation processes on the operations team. Having helped hundreds of customers from across the world with their documents, she now loves passing on her specialist knowledge and support via Vital’s blog.

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3 Responses

  1. Sana says:

    Best Post thanks for sharing this information I really like your posts.

  2. Dick says:

    Hi Melany,
    I don’t have an ID number, just a number on my resident stamp in my passport, which is not accepted on line. How could I still get an UAE police certificate. I live in Queensland Australia

    • Melanie Clarke says:

      Hi Dick,

      If you don’t have a Emirati ID number, you will need to have your fingerprints taken at your local police station and have them legalised in Australia to apply for a PCC in the UAE. Please bear in mind that the documents required for a PCC will differ dependant on which Emirate you’re applying to. If you are looking to get the document issued from Dubai, we can help obtain this for you. Just drop us an email at,

      I hope this helps! Melanie

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