UK-Issued Islamic Marriage Certificates – Where Are They Recognised?

Melanie Clarke

Melanie is a Digital Marketer and TEFL Specialist at Vital Consular. Before taking up a Marketing role in the company, she spent 3 years building up a rich knowledge of global legalisation processes on the operations team. Having helped hundreds of customers from across the world with their documents, she now loves passing on her specialist knowledge and support via Vital’s blog.

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6 Responses

  1. Firas says:

    Can you point the case for Canada (Specifically Canadian Spousal Sponsorship)?

    • Melanie Clarke says:

      Hi Firas, if you need your marriage certificate legalised for Canada we can look into that for you. If you e-mail us at and state that you commented on our blog post, we can assist if you can also attached a photo or scan of your document. Many thanks for commenting.

  2. Adam says:

    Hi there, please can you tell me if uk-issued islamic marriage certificates are ok for employee pension scheme entitlements?

    • Melanie Clarke says:

      Hi Adam, if this is within the UK it should be fine but to ensure there’s no issues you should contact whomever you are presenting the certificate too and check their requirements, as it can depend on their needs.

  3. SN says:


    I have a Islamic nikkah certificate from the UK. Will this be okay to get attested for the UAE?

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