Relocation To Qatar – Legalisation And Paperwork Guides

Qatar is a popular destination for expats; with an extremely welcoming community, great weather all year round and excellent work-life balance, it’s easy to see why. The document procedures for relocating to Qatar aren’t so easy, however. Requiring a range of supporting documents for legalisation, each of which is very specific in it’s requirements, things can get confusing quickly.

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Legalising Documents for Qatar

We have a range of blog articles to help you through all of the document legalisation processes. We’ve working closely with the global Embassy network since 2006 and we’re focused on demystifying all of the jargon and giving you all of the information you need in an easy to understand way. We’ve even created some great free downloadable content to take the stress out of things for you!

Higher education awards can be one of the more complicated documents to legalise for Qatar. The supporting letter you may require must meet stringent guidelines set out by the Qatari authorities and, if you get it wrong, it can result in you losing out on both time and money. We’ve created a host of articles for you specifically on this topic, along with some free downloadable help sheets to make sure you get it right, first time.

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Police Clearance Certificates for Qatar

Qatar was one of the first countries in the Middle East to make a Police Clearance Certificate mandatory for all job applications within the state. Whilst it’s not a complex process to get the certificate, there are some guidelines to be aware of on when you apply for the clearance and how long it is valid for before you must re-apply.

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Qatar FAQs

  • The documents you will need to have legalised depends on the purpose for which you are travelling to Qatar. If you are applying for a new job role in Qatar, your employer should advise you on which documents you will need to present for your work permit. It’s important you check this with them to avoid you facing delays in your application, or even getting documents legalised which were unnecessary.
  • Yes, the majority of higher education awards will require supporting documents from the institution where you studied the course. The process of obtaining these supporting documents will vary dependant on which country you studied in, so it’s best to get in touch with us to confirm the details with us directly. If you have a UK qualification, we have an in-depth blog article on the process, with some free downloadable help guides!
  • No, your documents must be legalised in their country of issue. Wherever you are in the world, we can handle the processes for you and return them to wherever you wish. You will not need to travel anywhere in order to have them processed in person.

  • Yes, you will need to ensure that the certificate was issued as recently as possible in order to be accepted. The Qatar Embassy have not given an exact timeframe, but we would recommend it is no more than 3 months old when you present it for legalisation in order to avoid rejection.