Don’t lose access to the sites you love overseas – VPN for expats

Originally designed for business use, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers security and encryption of your data when using the internet. With increasing awareness of safety online often being an issue, using a VPN is becoming more popular, especially for those relocating or travelling overseas. What are the other benefits of using a VPN, and why is it quickly becoming a necessity?

How does a VPN help with security overseas?

As methods of hacking data become increasingly evolved, our personal data is equally becoming more accessible to criminals. With public Wi-Fi available in most places, and hotspots in most large cities, you are at risk of sensitive information being intercepted. This is a risk which is much higher when you’re travelling abroad as we tend to rely more on public Wi-Fi, or networks in hotels which we are unable to verify the security of, as it will be shared by all users.

This is where a VPN comes in. By redirecting your browsing session to a server in a different country and encrypting your data at the same time, it makes it virtually impossible for anyone to access your internet traffic. It gives you full anonymity, as well as security, as it masks your current browsing location at the same time.

Can I use a VPN to access sites anywhere in the world?

This location masking is useful when it comes to accessing the sites you love overseas. A VPN is considered a necessity when either travelling or relocating to certain countries, as sites and services such as Netflix, Spotify, Facebook and Twitter are often blocked in those states. These subscription services and social media platforms are an integral part of most people’s daily lives, so not being able to access them can pose a real problem.

Using a VPN circumvents these blocks as your location will appear different to where you are really accessing the internet from. For example, if you are in a country which blocks Facebook on it’s domestic internet services, if you set your VPN location to a country which does not, such as the UK or the USA, you will have no issues accessing these sites.

This also works for your favourite on-demand services such as Spotify, Netflix and Hulu. With all of these capabilities, it makes sense that a VPN for expats is an essential piece of kit.

Are these only used when travelling?

Of course, you don’t only need to consider a VPN if you are travelling. Many people choose to protect their data on a day to day basis if they regularly use Wi-Fi networks outside of their home such as at work, cafes and other public places.

With us not truly knowing the full extend to which our data is accessible to a range of sources, as well as hackers, more people are choosing to regain control of their online identities. These VPN services are a great idea even if you are using them domestically, or wish to gain access to sites which is only granted to those outside of your country.

Which is the best VPN service?

As a global company, security of data is paramount to Vital Consular. We spend a lot of time on a daily basis travelling around to complete orders, as well as conducting business overseas. Our digital infrastructure needs to be fast, reliable and extremely secure.

We decided to put the industry leading services to the test, and our preferred provider was IPBurger. They came out top for speed of browsing, ease of use, service reliability, affordability and customer service support.


That’s why we’ve decided to endorse IPBurger as our favourite VPN and are please to announce that we have teamed up to offer you an exclusive package through Vital Consular. We know this will be a really useful tool, both for our tourist visa customers as well as an effective VPN for expats.

If you would like to give IPBurger a try for 14 days, you can do so for FREE through the link below. If you’re as happy with the service as we are, you can then enjoy 15% OFF all packages and subscriptions for life, not just your first purchase. These are already really competitively prices, so this is a great perk! Simply use the code VITALCONSULAR at checkout and this will be automatically applied every time you renew.

If you have several devices and operating systems, don’t worry. These are all supported and you can use your VPN on up to 4 devices at a time, with a detailed set-up guide for each platform type on the IPBurger site. You can be up and running in less that 5 minutes. Click here to get started for free:

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Melanie Clarke

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