China PU Letters 2022 : Latest Update On Requirements for Z-Visas

Big changes in China have made it easier for those looking to relocate there, as well as those wishing to be reunited with family on an Dependency Visa. Will this final lifting of restrictions fuel a surge in job applications in the country?

How the PU Letter restrictions were imposed

During the global pandemic, China re-introduced their requirement to get a PU letter from the prospective employer before being able to apply for a Z-Visa. It caused mass confusion and frustration to those looking to enter the country during that time – not all employers could issue the letters, and there was a long process involved for them to register with the program.

Things eased mid-way through 2021 when China began to allow those who had been fully vaccinated with a vaccine that had been produced in China. It was still a mandatory requirement to quarantine upon arrival and return 2 negative tests within that time, but this process was still a relief to those who had been struggling to obtain a PU invitation letter.

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What has changed with PU Letters

The latest announcements from the Chinese Government have confirmed that there are plans to make PU letters no longer required to apply for either a Z-Visa, or an S1 Visa. M-Visas remain unaffected by this change and the vaccination and quarantine rules still apply.

Although this has been reported as being effective immediately by some in-country news outlets, the UK-based Chinese Authorities have yet to implement the change. If you are in the UK and applying for a Z-Visa, a PU Letter is still required at the moment. We will update the article as soon as we receive confirmation directly from the Chinese Visa Centre.

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Why is the UK still requiring PU Letters?

The Chinese Authorities often announce changes in requirements at a moments notice, meaning that news can travel faster than the changes are implemented globally. Wherever you’re applying from, we would highly recommend contacting your local Chinese Embassy to confirm requirements in your country.

This pending change will be amazing news for both those looking to relocate for a job, as well as recruiters who have struggled with filling positions within the restraints of PU Letter requirements. China has a booming TEFL industry and there are endless opportunities to work for those looking for adventure in this beautiful country.

How to get your Z-Visa

As soon as there are no pre-application hoops to jump through, all you need to do is get your official job offer from your employer to get things moving. They will provide you with a list of required documents, which you will need to have legalised and take with you to apply for your Z-Visa in your country of residence.

If you want to know more about legalising documents and the process of getting your Z-Visa, check out our complete guide here, where our specialists will walk you through every step.

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