export documents uk

Ten Common Export Documents That Require Legalisation

Did you know that most export documents will require legalisation before you’re legally allowed to bring your goods into another country? A number of these documents exist and there are no end to the possible variations of document that exist across the world for moving goods from one country to the other. However, we’ve compiled a list of the ten most common ones below, to give you a head start and make sure you know the ins-and-outs of export document legalisation.
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moving to kuwait

Fifteen Things To Know Before Moving To Kuwait

Are you planning to move to Kuwait? This tiny Gulf country has a culture all of its own, and you'll need to be clued up before you decide on making the jump. To help you, here are ten things you should really know before moving to Kuwait, from the currency to how to legalise a document to help you get a work visa.
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Ashraf Vital Interview

Staff Interviews – Ashraf Vachhiat

Welcome to the sixth in our series of staff interviews! Today we're talking to the interviewer himself, Ashraf Vachhiat! Ashraf has been working at Vital Certificates since January 2015, and regularly contributes posts to the blog. But his job role goes much further than that! Read on to find out more about Ashraf, what brought him to Vital, and how his role has evolved over the last few years.
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Vital Jo

Staff Interviews – Joanne Douglas

Welcome to the second in our series of staff interviews! This week, we're talking to Joanne Douglas, our resident Finance Manager here at Vital. Jo's been working in finance a long time, and has a fascinating slew of jobs under her belt. But it wasn't always what she had her heart set on doing.
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business awards 2016

Vital Certificates Named As Finalist In Amazon Growing Business Awards

We are proud to announce that Vital Certificates has been named a finalist in the 2016 Amazon Growing Business Awards. Nominated within the Triumph Over Adversity category, the company demonstrated its ability to both triple in size to revenues of over £1m, and expand internationally when it opened its first overseas branch in Dubai last year, despite trading through a formal insolvency arrangement.
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brexit a nation divided

Brexit – A Nation Divided

Woken up yet? It's been exactly one week since the Brexit votes were cast, and the nation still seems to be either in unperturbed shock or rampant celebration. David Cameron has resigned from his post, as have half the Labour Party, and a number of Conservative MP's have within the last two days announced their bid for the leadership, arguing over the best way to tear a divided nation from Europe.
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salary 2016

Average wage expected to rise globally in 2016

Global wages are expected to rise by their highest rate in three years, according to a salary forecast revealed by the Korn Ferry Hay Group. Research reveals that workers around the world are expected see real wage increases of 2.5% as pay increases combine with historically low inflation to leave employees better off.
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greek wedding documents

Wedding Legalisation Checklist for Greece

Many couples are choosing to get married abroad nowadays, and Greece in particular is a very popular wedding destination around this time of year. Known for its warm climes, beautiful scenery and pristine beaches, this Mediterranean paradise caters to a large number of the 18% of Brits who are now choosing to get married abroad rather than in the UK.
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5 reasons dubai

Five Great Reasons To Move to Dubai

Winter is coming. The days are getting shorter, skies are getting gloomier, and the sun's packed up and gone south for the next 6 months. As you stare out of your office window and see nothing but a sea of grey, don't you wish you could be somewhere warmer, sunnier and more full of life?
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