Introducing Vital Consular

As our company continues to venture into new territories, the name we'd chosen for ourselves didn't seem to fit anymore. That's why Vital Legalisation has now rebranded as Vital Consular.

We still legalise documents, but this rebrand allows us to offer a wider range of services, whilst unifying our existing services to make them accessible in one place. We’re also focused on breaking into new and exciting sectors and covering new territories, because at Vital, we are always looking for new ways to save our customers time and money. How do we plan to do this?

How will this change what we do as a company?

Our legalisation, translation and verification services all now fall under a single umbrella. Vital Certificates will exist independently as a purely certificate-focused branch of the company, making a clear distinction from the consular services. With a fresh team coming into the business, currently working on a new and exciting venture launching soon, we felt it was time to adopt a more accurate brand which more truly reflects what we do, as well as leaves room for what we are planning to explore in the near future. Our global network is constantly expanding and strengthening our business, so you can be confident that all areas will continue to be supported by dedicated specialists offering the same excellent service you’ve come to expect.

Our aim is to bring together everything you will need to move around, making it as seamless and stress-free as possible. We will be announcing our latest product in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes on our blog and your inbox if you subscribe to our newsletter. If you don’t currently subscribe, you can do so here to keep to up to date with all of our latest news!

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How can I get in touch?

We have launched our revamped website to support our additional services as they are launched, which you can view here. Our phone number remains the same, and you can always get in touch via the live chat function on our site. In terms of our locations, our office addresses remain the same, so don’t worry if you’ve recently sent a document in to us. If you want to get in touch via e-mail all of our contact details have been updated on our site, but we’ll still be receiving e-mails through our previous addresses for now.

We’re excited for the next phase of our company’s journey and we hope you will find value in the new services we are bringing to you in the future. If you would like to view our new site and our verification services, you can do so below, and get in touch if you need assistance!

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Ashraf Vachhiat
Ashraf Vachhiat

Ashraf is the Marketing Technologist at Vital Consular, which means he handles all the technicalities involved in bringing this blog to life! He also enjoys creating in-depth articles around current affairs which impact the travel and relocation industry. In his free time, Ashraf relishes travelling as much as possible, and is always looking for quirky spots to take some great photos.

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