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All you need to know about legalising your TEFL for use overseas

Teaching English abroad with a TEFL qualification is becoming a popular option for many people who are looking to relocate. The chance to immerse yourself in the local culture through language can be a wonderful, rewarding and exciting experience. With this surge in popularity, a host of issues have come to light when qualified TEFL tutors are attempting to use these awards overseas. What are these issues and how can they be resolved?
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Walking Batley to Dubai – Our journey so far

Here at Vital Consular we're undertaking a virtual step challenge in order to fundraise for the British Heart Foundation. Many charities have struggled with funding during lockdown, so we chose a fundraising activity we could all get involved with, as well as keep up fit. We set a huge target of walking from our head office in Batley to our Middle East office in Dubai, but we're almost half way already!
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certified notarizes difference

Document Verification, Legalisation, Notarisation, Authentication or Attestation?

Who would imagine that there are so many terms for essentially the same concept? The process of taking a document issued in one country and making it legally recognised in another isn't exactly a straightforward process, but it is often made more complicated by differing terminology. Here we will explain the differences (and similarities) between these terms and clear up any confusion.
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The key to happy customers is happy employees

It may seem like an over-generalisation, but there is truth to the maxim "happy employees equals happy customers". At Vital Consular, we have always taken customer feedback to heart and have been focused on improving your experience at every stage of your journey, and we do the same for our staff too. Since January, we have been asking our employees for regular anonymous feedback via a monthly survey, and we're pleased to say that it has confirmed what we hoped; our staff are a happy bunch.
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travel covid 19

Lockdown – Has it put people off travel and relocation?

Being in lockdown has affected everyone differently. With many people working from home, some people furloughed and others still on the front line, everyone has had to adapt. As travel restrictions have remained in place also, most holidays have been cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future, but do people still want to travel after going through this pandemic, or has it put people off international travel and relocation completely?
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travel after covid

Travel After COVID-19 – What Will It Be Like?

With travel currently highly restricted across the globe, many are wondering what state the industry will be in once the Coronavirus epidemic is hailed to be over. With most people feeling the impact of the freeze in travel, and with many having to have holidays and other events cancelled, the travel companies themselves will be feeling anxious over the situation. Before you start planning or rescheduling your holidays, read our predictions on how the land will lie once the all-clear is given again.
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