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Getting a PU Letter for China – Guide to Invitation Letters

With the Coronavirus pandemic causing so many travel restrictions globally, most countries are keen to keep movement across their borders to a minimum. Although China made quick progress in returning life to a state close to normality, they have introduced strict measures for incoming passengers. Here we look at what this new documentation is, and how you get it.

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Neom – Saudi’s Expat Capital of the Future?

In the first quarter of 2019, Saudi Arabia’s new mega-city named Neom, or “The Red Sea Project”, commenced construction. The vision of Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, this new centre of commerce and high-end tourism covers over 10, 000 square miles.

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Qatar Backs Draft Law for Permanent Residencies

A new law which would allow non-Qataris to apply for permanent residence has moved forward another step. The changes were first mentioned last August, but have come closer to fruition this week as the Advisory Council approved the new legislation. Free healthcare, state education and other benefits would become available to those who decide to become permanent Qatari residents after...