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If you're a regular visitor to the Vital Consular Blog, you'll have noticed that a lot's changed around here! We've just launched the biggest visual refresh in our history, which means our blog's faster, cleaner and more focused than ever, allowing you to find the information you're looking for as quickly as possible.

In this article

What We’ll Cover

  • Why our blog needed to change

  • What we’ve done to change it

  • How the changes make it easier for you to find the information you’re looking for

  • What’s coming in the future

When we started our blog in 2014 (long before Brexit and COVID were locked in battle for mindshare), it was because we felt there was a lack of well-written, informative guides on the kinds of processes we deal with everyday. It was almost impossible to find out how to get a replacement Birth, Marriage or Death certificate if you’re now living overseas, or what specific process your documents would have to follow if you were moving to Qatar.

We set out to change that, by taking the knowledge we’ve gained dealing with government agencies and embassies across the world, and putting it on a platform where people could find it.

While the blog’s been through several iterations since, we think the new one is the best one yet.

What’s changed?

We’ve rebuilt the blog from the ground up to not only look and perform better than ever before, but to put more of the information you need at your fingertips.

That starts at the homepage. What was previously just a list of latest posts, is now segmented between the categories you’ve showed us mean the most to you. Don’t worry! You can still see all of our latest posts by going to the relevant section.

Homepage Redesign

A smart search has been added to the menu bar as well, which will show you live results as you type. That makes it much easier to find the topics that you’re looking for, and filter out anything that you’re not.

Smart Search
The Smart Search Box

Cornerstone Pages – Everything you need in one place

The architecture of our blog has been completely reworked to highlight topics that you’ve shown us are most important to you. This has culminated in us creating Cornerstone Pages, where you’ll find every given post about a certain topic, including some answers to questions that we’re frequently asked. We’ll continue to update these pages over time to make them even more valuable, giving you a one-stop shop for information about a given country, document type or topic.

An example of a Cornerstone Page

Posts that work better for you

Every blog post on our site has been refreshed to get you to the most relevant information more quickly. Posts now have a title section with an excerpt of the post at the very top of the page, alongside the author, and the dates it was posted and last updated. This lets you know if you’ve landed on a post that’s relevant to what you were looking for, without you having to scroll unnecessarily! We’ve also added a Sharebar to this top section, so you can share the post with someone who might find it useful.

Posts now show the most relevant info at the top

Further down the page, we’ve added a section to tell you exactly what we’ll cover in each post.

Post What Well Cover
What We’ll Cover

We’ve also added a Table of Contents to some of our longer posts with links to each section, just in case you need to reference a particular part of the post at any point.

Post Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Relevant Posts

Previously, the bottom of each post contained a section of the most recent posts we’ve published. While this was okay, we really wanted a way to serve more relevant posts that might help you along your journey. Now, most of our posts contain a carousel of posts that are most relevant to the topic you’re reading about, so you get more of the information you need without having to look for it. We’ll continue to update our posts to make the information around them even more helpful in the future.

Post Relevant Posts
Relevant posts

More ways to get in touch

Once you’ve read through some of our content, you might decide you need some help and want to contact us. Great! We’ve made it easier than ever to get in touch. Whether it’s through phone, email, live chat, or even Whatsapp, our expert advisors are available to take enquiries through the method that suits you best.

And if you’re ready to move forward quickly and want to request a quote, you can do that using our separate forms for legalisation and visas.

Plans for the future

While we’ve come a long way, our work isn’t done yet! We’re planning to launch even more great projects in the future, such as:

  • Fully featured downloadable help guides on a range of topics, for free
  • A range of premium step-by-step legalisation process guides available for purchase
  • New and improved video guides talking through popular topics
  • Additional resources to help those looking to study and teach ESL overseas

And we’re open to suggestions! If there’s anything you’d like to see from us moving forward, leave a comment below and we’ll put it on the list.

Thanks for joining us along the journey so far. While it’s not perfect, we believe the new blog helps push us further towards the goal we started with all the way back in 2014 – using our knowledge and insight to help people along their way.

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Ashraf Vachhiat
Ashraf Vachhiat

Ashraf is the Marketing Technologist at Vital Consular, which means he handles all the technicalities involved in bringing this blog to life! He also enjoys creating in-depth articles around current affairs which impact the travel and relocation industry. In his free time, Ashraf relishes travelling as much as possible, and is always looking for quirky spots to take some great photos.

Articles: 137

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