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Guaranteed Acceptance TEFL Courses To Study In The UK – Verified List

If you're planning on studying a TEFL course, which is best suited for your needs? Does it matter which provider you choose, and if so what should influence your decision? If you plan on teaching in-person overseas, then there are some serious points to consider when you're weighing up your options. Our latest creation is a unique pre-checked list, designed to make your life easier, and this post explains what we considered when putting it together.
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The Cons of Teaching ESL Overseas – Turning Them Into Pros

Going to teach overseas for the first time can feel like a mix of intense emotions. Excitement, nerves, curiosity...all of this is completely normal. One thing you should be sure of is that you've done your research. Whilst reading about something can never truly replace the experience, it can certainly at least prepare you for any obstacles and help you get around them confidently.
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Leaving a TEFL Job in China – Complete Guide on Doing it Right

Whether you've decided you're leaving a TEFL job in China and returning home, or simply transferring to a different school, you'll need to make sure your paperwork is in order. By skipping any part of the process, you could get into problems later down the line which may cause major delays to your plans, or even worse! When you're overseas, the last thing you need is to be stuck in limbo. Check out our helpful guide on what to do when you're ready to leave your position.
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