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Introducing the Dubai Concierge Helpline

Moving out to Dubai? There are so many things to think about during the relocation process, from getting your documents legalised, to acquiring a visa and finding accommodation. Something could easily slip under the radar.

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Full Relocation Package

More information on Vital Certificates’ Full Relocation to the UAE Package: Cultural Awareness Training: Learn how to communicate effectively across different cultures, both at a personal and professional level, by being culturally aware. Avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication. Financial Health Check: Get the best advice on the best way to sort out your finances before leaving the UK.¬†Ensure that you are...

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Relocation Services to the UAE

UK to UAE Relocation made simple Having helped over 50,000 British all over the globe with their certificate replacements, attestation/legalisation and translations since 2005, in 2013 we went a step further in our mission to help our expats as much as possible by launching a full relocation experience to the UAE. This complete service is tailored to your individual requirements...