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certified notarizes difference

Document Verification, Legalisation, Notarisation, Authentication or Attestation?

Who would imagine that there are so many terms for essentially the same concept? The process of taking a document issued in one country and making it legally recognised in another isn't exactly a straightforward process, but it is often made more complicated by differing terminology. Here we will explain the differences (and similarities) between these terms and clear up any confusion.
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transit visa in the uk

Connecting flights, do you need a transit visa?

Often when taking a long haul flight, you may be required to make a connecting flight to reach your final destination. This can be due to the logistics involved, or very often it can be more cost effective to take an indirect route. In these cases, you are classed as a transiting passenger within that country. It's important to consider whether you will need a visa to transit through a country however, even if you don't leave the airport. Does this apply to UK citizens in any popular travel destinations?
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document verification

Why Verification is Vital – Three Year Jail Term for Exaggerating CV in UAE

Exaggerated information on a CV is not a new problem, but the idea of fabricating details to boost your apparent experience or qualification levels is usually met with an "everybody does it" attitude. As the job market is becoming increasingly competitive however, employers are quickly tightening regulations to end these practices. What steps are the UAE taking to change this mindset?
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