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Getting A UAE Police Clearance Certificate – The Complete Guide

If you previously lived in the United Arab Emirates and have since relocated to a new country, you will likely need to provide a UAE Police Clearance Certificate for your new residence permit or work visa. Obtaining these from overseas can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be complicated, as our Dubai team provides all the information you’ll need.

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Police Clearance Certificates – What Are The Different Types?

Some form of police clearance check is now mandatory for employment in most sectors, and for the majority of countries when working overseas. This is especially true for all applications for China and Qatar, and in positions such as teaching and banking across the globe. But which types of checks are available, and how do they differ?

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Police Clearance Certificates Required for UAE Work Visa

The requirement for Good Conduct Certificates is currently postponed. Read our update here.  Official UAE news agency WAM reported this month that the UAE Coordination Committee approved a Cabinet Resolution issued in 2017, stipulating that from the 4th February 2018 expatriates who apply for work visa in the UAE must first obtain a certificate of good conduct.

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Police Clearance Now Required in the State of Qatar

British Nationals applying for a Qatari residence permit, work permit, transfer of sponsorship, Ministry registration, or for any other reason will be required to provide a valid Legalised Police Clearance Certificate from the UK in order to obtain their Qatari Certificate of Good Conduct. The Association of Chief Police Officers website has information on how to apply for a Police Certificate...

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Police Check Documents: Issuing bodies and attestation process

Some of the countries we provide attestation for such as the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, require that our clients have Police Check Documents produced and attested. There are various issuing bodies who provide police check documents, as follows: ACPO Criminals Records Office (ACRO). These certificates are always issued with a signature from an official from the issuing body, so...