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Welcome to the fourteenth of our staff interviews! Today we're talking to Ami Fox, our Legalisation Administrator who deals with all incoming and outgoing documents. Ami's one of our newest staff members, having only been at the business for a few months, so she has a unique perspective on her role and how the business works. Read on to find out more about Ami, what her role entails, and what she enjoys doing outside of work.
Ami Fox Vital Legalisation
Ami Fox

So Ami, the first question I always ask, is how are you?

I’m good thank you, how are you?

I’m good! Not many people ask how I am, so I can tell this is going to be good already! So, when did you first start working at Vital?

I started working here in June, so not very long ago.

And what were you doing before you got here?

I had left my previous job a little while ago and I was at home. The plan after I left was to do bar work on evenings and weekends to fit with the kids better, because my previous job was a 9-5 which didn’t really fit with having two young children!

I see. And where was it that you were working before?

I was working in an office at a bed factory. But like I said the hours weren’t really working for me and I felt like I wasn’t seeing my boys as often as I’d like. I felt because of that they were missing out on things other kids got to do like swimming and other after school activities. It’s a shame because I was really enjoying the job, but when I weighed it up I felt like I had to do the best thing by my kids. I’ve got Keilan who’s 6, and Mason who’s going to be 10 in a week. They’re not going to be young forever so I want to make the most of this time!

That makes sense to me! So, what did you talk about with Matt (Managing Director) when you came in for your interview?

I didn’t actually see Matt until I came in for a second interview! So first I spoke to Nicola (Legalisation Advisor) over the phone, and then I spoke to Nic and Jo (Finance Manager) in a face to face interview, before eventually being called back to speak to Matt and Louise (Office Manager). Honestly I’ve got no recollection of what we spoke about! As soon as I walked out of the interview room it was a blur! I remember Lou talking about how much she loves Jeremy Kyle and that’s pretty much it! As soon as I got out I rang James, my partner, and he asked me this same question, and I told him I literally don’t have a clue! But it must have gone well because I’m here now!

It definitely did! What was it that made you want to start working at Vital then?

Well, I know Sam (Service Development Manager) quite well because her little boy is in the same class as mine. She’s always talked about how great a place this was to work, but since I was happy in my other role I didn’t really pay too much attention to it at the time. She came to me one day telling me a role had come up in the business and told me about how flexible it was and how it could fit in really well with my life. I thought it sounded pretty perfect, so I applied and here I am!

So was that your impression of Matt when you talked to him as well? That he was open to being flexible towards you?

Yeah, I think that’s one of the things we talked about in my interview actually! Sam had always told me how nice he was and what a great boss he was. In fact I had that impression of everyone I spoke to when I came in. Everyone was really understanding about the situation, probably because they’ve got kids themselves and know how hard it can be. They were all happy to help it fit around me.

That’s great. What was the role you were brought in to do then? Can you give me a rundown of what your day looks like?

I’m in Post-Sales, so I book in all the documents and liaise with our clients and make sure that they’ve sent us what they were asked to. I send all of the documents off to everywhere they need to go, whether that’s the FCO, certain embassies around the world or back to a client. I pick up emails and sometimes I speak on the phone to clients if there’s anything pressing that needs answering.

What are some of the challenges you face in your role then?  

Sometimes just knowing what we’ve been sent! Usually it’s pretty straightforward but there are times we’re sent things which I’ve never seen before and have no idea about. At that point I just ask Lou!

Ami James Vital Legalisation
Ami and her partner James

It’s great to have people helping you along the way. What do you enjoy most about working here?

The people! Everybody’s really kind and ready to help, right from the beginning like I said. I also feel like it’s different everyday, even though I’m mostly doing the same things. I’ve not had a day yet where I’ve felt like “ugh, this is horrible.” It’s always fun. I also love Fat Friday!

I know you do! When did you become the designated Fat Friday food picker upper?

It’s not even Fat Friday, it’s everyday! I’m not sure how it happened. It doesn’t help that Emma’s in the sales office in the afternoon now and she was the only other one who drove. I’ve had to take up the mantle! But hopefully Tom and Lou will pass their driving tests soon enough. Then it’ll be their turn!

That’ll be one less thing for you to worry about then! Have you set yourself any goals for the future then, either inside or outside of work?

Work goals are to fully understand my position and to pick up foreign documents from Louise because she’s still doing a lot of that for me. In terms of my personal goals, I’m planning my wedding for next July! And it turns out it’s a lot more stressful than saying “I do” and having a party!

Sounds stressful! That leads us nicely onto this question though. What do you like to do in your downtime?

I spend a lot of time with my children, and my dog! I’ve got a chihuahua who is terrible! We got him because my little boy is terrified of dogs, so we got the smallest possible dog so he could get used to them. And he loves it and he’s kind of got over his phobia which is good. But he’s a little terror to anyone that isn’t our family!

Ami James Mickey Vital Legalisation
Ami with her partner James and their two children, enjoying some time with Mickey Mouse!

I see! You like travelling too don’t you? Didn’t you just come back from Florida recently?

I did! We went to Disney World. It was my third time, but first time as an adult with my own children. My eldest Mason didn’t cope too well with the weather, but otherwise we all loved it. Another one of my goals is to go back to Florida for the 50th anniversary of the park. I was there for the 25th as well so it’ll be great to go back again. But in general I don’t really like travelling. I really hate planes, but you have to travel to get to these nice places so I do it anyway!

I agree. The worst part about travelling is actually getting from place to place. Final question. Do you have a favourite quote?

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

Very apt! Thank you very much for your time Ami!

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Ashraf Vachhiat

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