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We’ve Just Launched our Youtube Channel!

Acquiring Consular services can be a daunting process. The terminology is confusing, the processes are unclear and the rules seem to change from day to day! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a resource out there which was simple, easy to understand, and gave you the step-by-step guidance you needed to fulfil your needs?

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Police Clearance Certificates – What Are The Different Types?

Some form of police clearance check is now mandatory for employment in most sectors, and for the majority of countries when working overseas. This is especially true for all applications for China and Qatar, and in positions such as teaching and banking across the globe. But which types of checks are available, and how do they differ?


Introducing the Dubai Concierge Helpline

Moving out to Dubai? There are so many things to think about during the relocation process, from getting your documents legalised, to acquiring a visa and finding accommodation. Something could easily slip under the radar.

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Full Relocation Package

More information on Vital Certificates’ Full Relocation to the UAE Package: Cultural Awareness Training: Learn how to communicate effectively across different cultures, both at a personal and professional level, by being culturally aware. Avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication. Financial Health Check: Get the best advice on the best way to sort out your finances before leaving the UK.¬†Ensure that you are...

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Relocation Services to the UAE

UK to UAE Relocation made simple Having helped over 50,000 British all over the globe with their certificate replacements, attestation/legalisation and translations since 2005, in 2013 we went a step further in our mission to help our expats as much as possible by launching a full relocation experience to the UAE. This complete service is tailored to your individual requirements...