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Ten Things To Know About Legalising Your Documents For Qatar

Our ten year anniversary is coming up, and as part of the celebrations we’ve decided to create a brand new blog series focused on giving you great information in lists of ten! Continuing our countdown, here’s a list of ten things you really need to know about legalising your documents for Qatar.


Legalisation of Qatar Degree Certificates and Lessons Learnt

In July 2016, Qatar decided to change the way they legalised Degree Certificates, from Diploma level upwards. Instead of only requiring the degree itself to be legalised, the embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) now also require a Degree Transcript and a cover letter to be legalised alongside it, tripling the cost for anyone deciding to move to...


Qatar Degree Transcript and Cover Letter Legalisation

  We’ve had a lot of queries in the past few weeks from concerned customers who had their Degree Certificates legalised by us, but have been told by the Qatari Embassy that they now have to have their Degree Transcript and a Cover Letter legalised as well, in accordance with the new rules (For more on that, click here) So...

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Qatar Changes Rules for the Attestation of Degree Certificates

A few days ago, the Qatar Embassy sent out a letter to inform us of some changes they’d be making to the way they legalise documents, in particular Degree Certificates. As of June 1st 2016, every Degree Certificate being attested for Qatar now requires both a transcript and a cover letter as supporting evidence alongside it. This means that the...