How do I legalise my documents for use in Kuwait?

Kuwait document legalisation can be a tricky process, but there's no way around it - you need to get it done if you're wanting to present your documents in Kuwait. This blog talks about the most stress-free way to legalise documents for use in Kuwait.

Making your big move to Kuwait, there’s so much you’ll need organise. You are relocating your entire life, after all. And, in the midst of planning your living situation, sorting out your residency visa (Iqama), and tying up all the loose ends back home, it’s easy to overlook document legalisation.

But overlook it at your peril. Although it’s probably not at the top of your priorities, you won’t be able to move to Kuwait unless you get the document legalisation process right.

Don’t worry, though. We can take care of your Kuwait legalisation for you. You can spend your time worrying about other things instead, like remembering your sunscreen.

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What do I need to do in order to legalise my documents for use in Kuwait?

If you ever move to foreign country or are conducting business overseas, you’ll need to have your documents ‘legalised’ first. Kuwait is no different. It’s so that foreign countries can be sure that the documents you’re presenting to them are legitimate.

The process differs massively from country to country and it can be hard to get your head around. Some countries have tried to make it as simple as possible by joining something called the Hague Apostille Convention – unfortunately Kuwait isn’t one of them.

What’s the Kuwait legalisation process?

There are a few key steps in the Kuwait legalisation process, but the process differs depending on the documents that you’re presenting.

  1. *Certification* – Depending on the document, you might need to find an FCDO-registered solicitor to certify your document.
  2. ­Apostille – You’ll need to send your documents to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) for an Apostille stamp.
  3. Consular Stamp – You’ll need to send your documents to the Kuwait Embassy in London for a consular stamp.
  4. MoFA – You’ll need to send your documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in Kuwait for the final step!

Oh, and you could potentially need your documents translating, too.

First things first, you might want to get in touch with your future employer (or whoever you’re presenting your documents to) in Kuwait and get a list of exactly what they need you to legalise. Once you know what you need legalising, you can start thinking about how you’re going to do it.

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The easiest way to deal with Kuwait legalisation

Kuwait legalisation can be a pain. Just working out the process for your specific documents is tricky enough, and then you’ve got to organise everything – do you really want to deal with all that? Keep in mind that if you get anything wrong it can lead to delays. It’s a lot to take on, especially at an already stressful time.

So don’t! Save yourself the hassle. Rather than spending your time trying to figure out what you need to do and trying to arrange all the particulars, just get us to do it instead.

Send us your documents and we’ll take care of the rest. We know the Kuwait legalisation process like the back of our hand, and our service has a 100% Acceptance Guarantee. All you need to do is pop your documents to us in the post. We’ll take them through all the proper channels, get them fully legalised for you, and get them back to you ready for use.

If you need documents legalising for use in Kuwait, we’re your best option – take advantage of our wealth of experience and our 100% Acceptance Guarantee now!

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