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Employee verification checks – Why are they a good idea?

As the competition in today’s job market grows, performing background checks on potential employees is growing in popularity. This can be extremely important when the role requires very specific skills and experience. So how can these pre-screening verification checks help both recruiters and job seekers in the current climate?

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Staff Interviews – Samantha White

Welcome to the thirteenth of our Vital Certificates Staff Interviews. Today we’re talking to Samantha White, our Service Development Manager responsible for finding partners to help legalise foreign documents. But it’s not what she started out doing!

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Staff Interviews – Christy Kavanagh

Welcome to the twelfth of our Vital Certificates Staff Interviews! Today we’re speaking to Christy Kavanagh, Business Development Manager and one of our newest hires. Christy’s been at the company for almost four months now, and brings a number of unique experiences to the role despite her tender years.

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Staff Interviews – Sarah Nicholls

Welcome to the eleventh of our staff interviews! Today we’re talking to Sarah Nicholls, Sales Manager at Vital Certificates and one of our more competitive staff members! Sarah has been at the company for 2 and a half years, and now has her own Sales Office!

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Staff Interviews – Nicola Palmer

Welcome to the tenth of our staff interviews! Today we’re talking to Nicola Palmer, our Office Manager and longest serving staff member. Nicola’s been working at Vital for over six years and has seen a lot of change in that time.