Be Prepared for Delays Around Eid ul-Fitr 2018

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Being prepared for the closures around Eid in June will save a lot of stress for any soon-to-be expats dealing with governmental departments, at the Embassy in either their home country or in the destination country. As Ramadan ends, Eid ul-Fitr will fall on the 14th or 15th of June and can see businesses close from a few days to a full business week. If you require any visa processing or attestation services, the sooner you begin the application the better.

How long are the Eid delays like to last?

The Embassies we deal with in London often announce their closure dates and length of closure with relatively short notice. We do share this information with our customers as soon as it becomes available to us, however it’s best to work with a few days breathing space before the earliest possible closure date. After the holiday is over and everyone returns to work, there is often a backlog of legalisation requests and this can see delays whilst the consular staff begin working their way through the documents. As some Embassies such as the Qatar Embassy in London only accept in-person applications on 2 days of the week, this often causes further delays whilst the application and collection rota begins again.

How can I avoid the Eid delays?

If you are planning on having documents attested for use in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or any other country which will close over the Eid period, we would recommend either submitting documents several weeks in advance where possible, or opting for a faster service. If you are able to wait and will not be travelling and therefore require your visa application to be completed imminently, you don’t need to worry.

If you are in a rush, we do offer an urgent service for all countries, though the time frames do differ dependant on destination and the respective Embassy’s guidelines. We can then courier your documents straight out to your employer wherever they are within a few days, ensuring they are in-country and on your employer’s desk, ready for processing as soon as the government offices are open again. As visa applications can take a while, any time saved is a bonus.

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