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Melanie Clarke

Melanie is a Digital Marketer and TEFL Specialist at Vital Consular. Before taking up a Marketing role, she spent 3 years building up a rich knowledge of global legalisation processes on the operations team. When she's not working, Melanie enjoys attending music events and pursuing many creative interests including screen printing and merchandise design.
dubai 101 insider tips

UAE Suspends Good Conduct Certificate Requirement

In an about-turn from their notification earlier this year, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFA) has now issued a directive to all Embassies worldwide that from the 1st April they are postponing the requirement for Good Conduct Certificates to be provided when applying for a UAE Residence Visa.
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Ashraf Vital Interview

Staff Interviews – Ashraf Vachhiat

Welcome to the sixth in our series of staff interviews! Today we're talking to the interviewer himself, Ashraf Vachhiat! Ashraf has been working at Vital Certificates since January 2015, and regularly contributes posts to the blog. But his job role goes much further than that! Read on to find out more about Ashraf, what brought him to Vital, and how his role has evolved over the last few years.
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